"Everyone should be a feminist" - Round Square International Youth Day Conference

Thursday, 25 Nov 2021

Students Rataj Abdullah, Betty Tesfamariam and Mikal Tesfamariam recently represented BDC at the Round Square International Youth Day Conference, entitled, "Everybody should be a feminist". 

They represented BDC in discussions with students from Uganda, Ghana, Japan, India and the United Arab Emirates, over the 5 hour conference on Saturday evening.

Round Square said of the theme: "In today's world under the covers of the simple eight letter word FEMINISM lies a vast expanse of personal derivations. Feminism is for everybody and anyone who recognises the equality and full humanity of women and men, is a feminist. 

"We aim to provide a platform youth from all over the globe to represent their views and perceptions on feminism and help eradicate the myths associated with it." 

At the end of the conference, the ideas from individuals were combined, and represented. Here's our students' take on feminism: 

Congratulations to these students for representing BDC and being wonderful role models for your peers, your families and the college. 

Principal, Nick Johnstone, also reflected on what feminism means to him: "Feminism is about closing the gap in all areas of society around the world so that women have equal rights and then opportunities."