Exciting End to Term 2: Bishop Druitt College Sport Wraps Up with Impressive Achievements in Sport

Wednesday, 21 Jun 2023

As the curtains draw to a close on Term 2, Bishop Druitt College Sport has witnessed a flurry of athletic activities, showcasing the dedication and talent of its students. From competitive hockey and cross country events to equestrian showcases and rugby triumphs, the college has had much to celebrate in the realm of sports. Let's delve into the highlights and achievements of the past term.

CIS Hockey Success

Bishop Druitt College's primary and secondary students showcased their skills and determination at the CIS Hockey event. Among the remarkable athletes representing the college, Molly Williams and Dylan Hannaford displayed exceptional talent, earning themselves a well-deserved spot at the next level of competition. 

Outstanding Performance at CIS Cross Country

The scenic equestrian centre in Sydney became the backdrop for an intense CIS Cross Country event, where 24 Bishop Druitt College students demonstrated their running prowess. Undeterred by the cool conditions, these athletes pushed their limits and delivered commendable performances. Notably, Daniel Williams claimed first place in the 16 Boys category, covering an impressive distance of 6 kilometres. Daniel's remarkable feat has propelled him to the next level of the competition, showcasing his exceptional talent and commitment.

Diverse Sporting Events

Bishop Druitt College has embraced a wide range of sporting events throughout the term, enabling students to explore their athletic abilities in various disciplines. The MBT trials, equestrian events, and rugby matches held across multiple locations have provided ample opportunities for students to showcase their skills and compete against other schools. These events foster camaraderie, resilience, and the invaluable experience of participating in a team.

Triumphs for Bill Turner's Girls

The Bill Turner Cup, a prestigious soccer tournament for girls, brought forth several thrilling victories for Bishop Druitt College. With their exceptional teamwork and unwavering determination, the girls' soccer team showcased their prowess on the field, emerging triumphant in various matches. Their achievements reflect the commitment of both the players and their coaches, highlighting the dedication to excellence instilled within the sporting community at Bishop Druitt College.

Looking Ahead

As the term ends, the success and accomplishments of Bishop Druitt College Sport in Term 2 serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for the entire student body. The commitment, discipline, and passion exhibited by the athletes in their respective sports reflect the values cherished by the college. It is a testament to the hard work and support provided by the college staff, coaches, and parents, who tirelessly encourage and nurture the sporting talents of the students.

Country Cup Gymnastics

The Country Cup for Gymnastics was held at Tamworth Entertainment Centre over the weekend. Amelia Buckingham (2P) and Gabi Pitman (4R) represented Coastal Gymnastics, coached by parents Nicole Nealand and Neil Davis, in Levels 3 and 4. 

This was Amelia’s first big competition. She performed outstandingly, receiving 6th place on Bars, 14th overall and her team placing 9th in Level 3.

Gabi received 2nd on Vault and Beam, 4th on Bars and Floor and 1st overall. Her team placed 3rd in Level 4.