iHub and Primary Library Learning

Wednesday, 08 June 2022

iHub Reading Matters series 

Displays to support study, and highlight school events.

In term 2 the iHub has featured several displays to highlight special events, and to reflect the literary interests and focus of our students and staff. 

The ‘Once Upon a Crime…’ display was designed to inspire our Year 9 English students, who are currently studying the crime fiction genre. Mr Dale Graham from the TAS Department played a very convincing ‘victim’ after our Staff Meeting!

A display was mounted to celebrate the Pentecost, and our hosting the Grafton Anglican Schools Commission and Diocesan Schools Network Meeting on June 2-3. 

Finally, to support our focus on a whole-school approach to well-being, and to highlight our Week 7 well-being activities - the iHub featured the acquisition of some wonderful new books. 

Other benefits of our regular displays are to increase readership of various parts of our collection, and to regularly identify and label books of different genres to enable students to more easily browse, and read according to their interests. 

AEL Acer High Schools Cup

As well as supporting our students in the iHub, our talented Mr Walker dedicates some of his time to organising teams of students into eSports play, and national as well as International competitions!

BDC has jumped back into the Acer High School Cup in Rocket League and Super Smash Brothers : Ultimate. On Saturday (28th May)  Lachlan Jameson and Finn Thomas battled it out on their Switches against other players in Super Smash. It was a first for BDC! They fought hard through the rounds but were knocked out before the finals. Around the same time, Rocket League Acer High School Cup players Angus Webb, Ronan Guerin and Ryan Sharkey were gifted a forfeit, then played the CC Rockets in round 2. It was streamed on facebook and youtube with AEL commentators. The BDC Barracudas Rocket League team were too strong and easily won their best of 5 games 3-0. Like their BDC esports teammates in Super Smash Bros, they are keen for more weekend action!

Whilst the Acer High School Cup for term 2 has closed its entries, please email or see Mr Walker in the iHub for entry into Term 3 action. Games played are Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate, Rocket League and Overwatch! Join the fun! It does not matter the skill level or experience of players.

June Author Visits in the Primary Library

June is an exciting month for the Primary Library and this month we have already had two amazing author visits for the Stage 2 and Stage 3 students.  

Oliver Phommavanh who is a former teacher, now stand-up comedian and children’s writer. He conducted an author visit for all Stage 2 students as part of the Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival, Schools Program. Oliver included an entertaining presentation about his popular books and techniques on how to come up with jokes, weird characters, and wacky storylines, which was a big hit for students of Stage 2.

Tristan Bancks tells stories for the page and screen. His books for kids and teens include Two Wolves, The Fall, Detention, the Tom Weekly series, and Nit Boy.  As part of their Talk4Write units of works, Stage 3 have been using a range of Tristan’s books for inspiration as they include magnificent stories of adventure, companionship, deceit and mystery.  Tristan spent the whole day with Stage 3 classes and treated them to a writer’s workshop as well as discussion about how his ideas for his books came about and some of the interesting techniques he uses to inspire his writing. 

Primary Library Learning with Stage 2 and 3

This term, lessons in the Primary Library have continued to be packed full of literacy learning, information skills and STEM projects.

Stage 2: In Stage 2, students are learning about materials and products as part of their Science unit, Material World.  In library lessons, we have been researching and exploring how simple products like pencils, paper and lego bricks are made and practising our note taking skills by recording down the processes involved. During the STEM part of the unit, students have been immensely excited to be given the opportunity to use Minecraft: Education Edition as a virtual canvas for them to unleash their creativity to design and create some structures using similar materials that would be chosen in the real world. It’s safe to say that Mr Davis and Ms Evans, as well as the Stage 2 teachers, have been blown away by the teamwork and craftsmanship that has already been shown on this platform. Great work Stage 2!

Stage 3: In Stage 3, students have been learning about energy transformations and circuits as part of their Science unit and spent the first part of the term consolidating their research skills from term one by locating, sorting and recording relevant information about a renewable energy source of their choice. We found it really interesting to look at live energy data across the Australian energy market and what technologies could be on the horizon. Following our research skills phase, students have now embarked on a mini STEM project using Makey Makeys.  Makey Makeys allow the students to engineer their own circuits using anything they can find, even drawing citrus and interfaces to work with computer programs and games!  As you can see from the pictures, there is some serious tinkering in progress!