Leadership focus for 2020-21 captains

Friday, 26 Feb 2021

studStudent voice and leadership opportunities are part of the BDC Way as we work with our young adults across Years 7-12. We hope to continue the development of the traditions of optimism and a fair-minded college community across the year. 

We hope to create an environment where positive involvement, tolerance, respect and advocacy are part of who our young adults become as they follow and become involved in real-world matters. Through service learning, or in the musical or a sport team or peer support, or being part of their year group we see students demonstrate many ways where students do not need a badge to be a leader. Many of our young people are true leaders and will do anything to help each other and staff. 

The secondary campus is blessed with a magnificent range of captains in 2021 and this diversity allows them to work together and focus on their specialist areas of expertise and as Dr Seuss said, 'why fit in when you were born to stand out!'. The captains work tirelessly to advocate for students and to represent and assist the college at many events (library visits, a swimming carnival last week, and Year 7 Camp this week). We wish them all the best for their success in 2021. Please find below the aims and focus our Captains are pursuing this year.

Leadership Captains: William Bond, Tai Crismale

As Leadership Captains, we plan to foster future leaders and teach valuable life skills that will help build confidence in our future generations in speaking and what it means to be a confident, respectful well-rounded leader. In 2021 we will help provide ideas for our library refurbishment with the Academic Captains. We are organising some influential people in our local community to address us on what leadership means to them as well as running our own leadership summits in 2021. We hope this helps with public speaking and being more confident in day-to-day life.

Academic Captains: Madeline Howard, Maxyn Dorz

We envision a BDC community in which academic wellbeing is a central focus, and students feel comfortable to grasp and explore new opportunities. We are committed to ensuring that our school is a welcoming place for students of a range of abilities, and provides all the support they need to achieve their academic goals and in 2021 we will help provide ideas for our library refurbishment with the Leadership Captains.

Art Captains: Jasmin Gallardo, Georgina Morrall

As Art Captains for 2021 we hope to make Bishop Druitt College a more welcoming, creative and colourful environment. We plan to do this through sharing the incredible artistic talent at the school with the wider school community, giving students the opportunity to express themselves in their own unique ways. In 2021 we are aiming to have our first showcase for World Options at the end of Term 2.

Service Captains: Juliette Oliver, Mawahib Khalifa

Our service isn’t confined just to the BDC community, we also help the outer community and to increase the opportunities for service within the school and to enhance the overall sense of connectedness. We are so honoured to be service captains and want students to acknowledge themselves as a leader. As service captains we aim to make the school an even better place for our community.

Sport Captains: Ellie Spain and Michael Spinoglio

During 2021 we are eager to get as many students involved in multiple sporting activities across the school as possible and encourage a fun and participative environment. An example of this is our lunchtime competitions that will be running from week 5. In addition to this, we hope to develop and build on the high performance program within the school and work closely alongside the athletes involved.  

Simon Doyle (head of Secondary) and the 2020-21 student leaders