National Science Week at BDC

Wednesday, 23 Aug 2023
Forensic Science workshop

On Monday 14 August, the Year 10 Science classes had the opportunity to participate in a Forensic Science Workshop put on by an Australian company called Education Interactive. During the workshop the students were presented with the details of a crime that had been committed and were given the opportunity to study all of the evidence collected, using forensic science technology. Once the evidence was processed, the students were able to propose their theories of what happened and who committed the crime. Not all of our theories were correct. It was plain to see that even with evidence, the truth of what happened can still be difficult to determine. 

The workshop was most enjoyable.

Year 8 Science Fair 

During Science week (week 5) at BDC, Year 8 put on an amazing display of their knowledge and understanding of Science. The theme of this year’s National Science Week was, ‘Innovation: Powering Future Industries’. The students had chosen and researched their own interest areas, related to the theme and presented their models and information displays to the senior primary students. We saw sustainable homes, solar cookers, fish farms, greenhouses, natural water filters, ocean plastics filters, and much much more. Excellent effort year 8!! Well done.

Year 7 - STEM activity

During Science Week (Week 5), Year 7 were set a STEM challenge, to create the most effective air-powered rocket. After many trial runs, new designs, and improvements being made, they were able to make rockets that flew over 8m from the launch pad. Well done year 7, excellent effort and enthusiasm.