Numeracy in Stage 3 - 'A time to celebrate'

Tuesday, 17 Aug 2021

As we begin to settle down into Semester 2, we look forward to consolidating all of the wonderful growth that has already occurred throughout the year.  From feedback gathered at all levels, our Stage 3 team were able to adapt the learning and teaching process, which has seen wonderful results.

With the inclusion of Maths Pathway as a tool to support our numeracy program, data is far more readily available to the teacher and yourselves as the parents, but most importantly, the student receives far greater feedback on a more consistent level.

As we continue to work on personalising the education for all of our students, we change the language we as adults remember from our own school days.  In Semester 2, Stage 3 logged 147 mini-lessons in total.  Mini-lessons which are personalised to each student’s cognitive ability, with an average growth rate of 135%.  If 100% represents an entire school calendar, this means that collectively our students are achieving far more than a year’s worth of growth in twelve months.

Working alongside Maths Pathway are a multitude or other tools that teachers use on a weekly basis to support a student’s growth.  Our Maths Investigations have been a real ‘game changer’ in sparking rich discussion and problem solving amongst the students.  As adults we understand that solving problems or working on projects requires a multitude of skills and dispositions.  Within these investigation lessons, it is exciting to hear and see how these problems are being solved, and in how our students are able to collaborate to achieve success.

We look forward to sharing more numeracy success as the year progresses.