Our region’s top-performing students awarded scholarships to BDC for 2024

Wednesday, 21 June 2023

Forty-three of the top-performing students of the Coffs Coast region have been awarded scholarships to attend Bishop Druitt College in 2024. 

Scholarships were awarded to students from Macksville to Arrawarra Headland and recognise and reward high achievers and individuals who demonstrate results and potential in academia, ATSI, sports, performance, STEM and the arts. 

The scholarship recipients for 2024, ranging from entry into Year 3 to Year 11, attended Bishop Druitt College to receive their scholarship awards, and to meet with the Principal, Nick Johnstone. 

Mr Johnstone says: "I am delighted to welcome these scholarship recipients and congratulate them on their hard work. Their dedication and commitment to excellence deserves recognition."

"Our scholarship program not only celebrates the accomplishments of these talented young individuals but also serves as an inspiration to others. We believe in nurturing their abilities and providing them with a platform to further thrive."

To gain a scholarship at BDC, students need to excel in a number of different areas, such as sport, music, drama, dance, visual arts, textiles and design, academics, ATSI, language arts and STEM. The selection includes a rigorous application process, including endorsements from public referees, selected staff, and heads of school. This year, there were 175 outstanding applicants.

Congratulations to the following Bishop Druitt College 2024 Scholarship recipients. 

Academic: Arnav Garg, Lachlan Gentle, Isaac Murphy, Sasha O’Connell-McGregor (Nambucca Public School), Aanya Rao (St Augustine’s Primary School), Wes Reedy.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander: Estelle Baechtold (Boambee Public School), Koda Carey, Poppi Flanders (St John Paul College), Ruby Flanders (St John Paul College, Ellen Haley, Mia Ryan (Boambee Public School).

All Rounder: Hamish Armstrong (St Augustine’s Primary School), Felix Benson, Taj Butcher, Jaxon Donoghue, Jessica Featherstone, Indigo Harris, Matthew Healy, Josephine Tait, Phoebe Tobin, Finn Toovey-Powditch.

Branson-Ackland Scholarship: Iluka Ehemann (Chrysalis School for Rudolf Steiner Education), Finn Toovey-Powditch.

Noel Jackson Memorial Bursary: Xahra Donovan (Nambucca Heads High School), Earl Wilson (Nambucca Heads High School).

Performing Arts: Tenzin Aichroy, Lauren Blair, Amelie Carpenter, Jaela Hibbard, Olivia Hoare, Frank Lane, Hunter Metcalf, Jessica Peters, Indy Pike (Coffs Harbour High School), Calamity Thorncraft (Mullaway Public School).

Sporting Performance: Jett Chapman, Annalise Crawley, Larnie Mordue (Coffs Harbour High School), Charlotte Ricketts, Karl Turner, Thomas O’Connor.

STEM: Wes Reedy.

Textiles & Design: Madeleine Wilson. 

Visual Arts: Arlia Portus-Keen.

Bishop Druitt College is the leading co-educational K-12 school in the greater Coffs Coast region, proudly independent and inclusive. Bishop Druitt College boasts the top ATAR benchmarks for the region and is known for our academic focus and innovative practices.

Bishop Druitt College also offers the High Performance Program (HPP), for outstanding achievers in sport and the performing arts, supporting students to meet their true potential through flexible and responsive classes and learning programs, designed to enable our students to continue to strive at the highest levels.  

If you are interested in applying for 2025 scholarships all information is available on the college website -https://www.bdc.nsw.edu.au/ 


Front row L - R: Felix Benson - All-Rounder Scholarship, Phoebe Tobin - All-Rounder Scholarship, Koda Carey - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarship, Mia Ryan - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarship, Hamish Armstrong - All-Rounder Scholarship, Josephine Tait - All-Rounder Scholarship, Calamity Thorncraft - Performing Arts - Drama Scholarship, Indy Pike - Performing Arts - Dance Scholarship.

Second row L - R: Amelie Carpenter - Performing Arts - Dance Scholarship, Tenzin Aichroy - Performing Arts - Music Scholarship, Matthew Healy - All-Rounder Scholarship, Lachlan Gentle - Academic Scholarship, Earl Wilson - Noel Jackson Scholarship, Sasha O'Conell-McGregor - Academic Scholarship, Poppi Flanders - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarship, Ruby Flanders - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarship, Xahra Donovan - Noel Jackson Scholarship, Estelle Baechtold - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarship.

Back Row L - R: Hunter Metcalf - Performing Arts - Dance Scholarship, Jessica Peters - Performing Arts - Dance Scholarship, Larnie Mordue - Sporting Performance Scholarship, Karl Turner - Sporting Performance Scholarship, Jett Chapman - Sporting Performance Scholarship, Taj Butcher - All-Rounder Scholarship, Jaxon Donoghue - All-Rounder Scholarship, Madeleine Wilson - Textiles & Design Scholarship, Lauren Blair - Performing Arts - Drama Scholarship, Finn Toovey-Powditch - All-Rounder and Branson Ackland Scholarships, Thomas O'Connor - Sporting Performance Scholarship, Jessica Featherstone - All-Rounder Scholarship.

Absent: Annalise Crawley - Sporting Performance Scholarship, Iluka Ehemann - Branson-Ackland Scholarship, Indigo Harris - All Rounder Scholarship, Aanya Rao - Academic Scholarship, Wes Reedy - STEM Scholarship. 

Photo of 6 L - R: Arnav Garg - Academic Scholarship, Isaac Murphy - Academic Scholarship, Olivia Hoare - Performing Arts - Music Scholarship, Charlotte Ricketts - Sporting Performance Scholarship, Jaela Hibbard - Performing Arts Scholarship, Arlia Portus-Keen - Visual Arts Scholarship.