Peer support leaders 2022

Thursday, 09 Dec 2021

In Week 8 of this term, all of our Year 9 students completed their Peer Support Training in order to learn more about how to be an effective leader. Students undertook a range of activities focusing on communication skills, teamwork and the different styles of leadership. At the end of the training, students could apply to be a Peer Support Leader to support the incoming Year 7 students in 2022. 

We had a number of amazing students apply for the 6 positions available in each House, to the point where we could have easily chosen many more. To the students who just missed out on being chosen, we encourage them to engage with the other opportunities in leadership that arise throughout the new year, from participating in Roundsquare Conferences to nominating for the students committees that support the Year 12 Captains in their respective roles. 

Congratulations go to the following students who are our Yr 10 Peer Support Leaders for 2022 -

Cottee House - Rataj Abdullah, Lily Geddes, Clare Kelly, Ella Butler, Aaliyah Meek and Indigo Savage.

Hollows House - Hargun Ghuman, Marisol Taylor, Betty Tesfamariam, Thomas O’Connor, Mala Brooks-Andren and Jasmeh Kaur.

Kngwarreye House- Isabelle Maybury, Prue Burnett, Keona Stone, Mahi Khobragade, Mitchell Fahey and Hunter Bellamy

Murray House - Asha Eagles, Irakli Roussos, Finn Reedy, Griffin Lancaster, Keely Gardner and Mia Diggins.

O’Shane House - Tess Caldicott, Mia Kelly, Caitlin Kerr, Jaskirit Khunkhun, Kaitlin McFarlane and Katie Ray

Sutherland House - Liam Daymond, Tilly McNeil, Amy Potts, Yasmine Hains, Madison Parkes and Stephanie Evans. 

Thank you to all of Year 9 for their outstanding participation during the training days and good luck to our leaders next year.

Nicole Matthews (Yr 9 Coordinator) and Sue O’Connor (Director of Student Wellbeing K - 12)