​Pre-history of BDC and the involvement of The Armidale School

Monday, 10 Oct 2022

The initial thrust to develop an Anglican Independent School in the Coffs Harbour area started in 1987.  Mr Ken Langford-Smith, with his late wife Ruth, arrived as Headmaster of TAS in 1987 and they were keen to expand the feeder areas for TAS and to provide a coastal campus for TAS.  The initial thoughts were towards a feeder Preparatory School for TAS and to serve the needs of the Coffs Harbour coastal community with additional accommodation for students on ‘Outward Bound’ type experiences in a different environment to that of TAS.  Early sites explored, as a result, ideally were close to water and bushland, yet adjacent to the main population centre of Coffs Harbour.

Mr Langford-Smith was in contact with the Diocese of Grafton and suggested a “Partnership in Mission” with TAS to set up a school. The first Meeting of the Interim Council of The Anglican Coast School was held on 25th July, 1991 in Coffs Harbour and was attended by Mr Langford-Smith, Mr B. Ross, Rev N. Edwards, Ven Archdeacon Hurford, and Mr W.Ward who was appointed Part-time Executive Officer for the remainder of 1991.

Mr Ross and Mr Ward actively explored many sites and reported to the Interim Council as to their suitability for a school during the second half of 1991.  The twenty-third site investigated, at North Boambee Road, was the one chosen and subsequently purchased in May 1992 with Diocesan funding.

In March 1993 the Chairman of the Foundation Council, Rev S. Pullin, after discussion with Mr Langford-Smith, requested that Mr Ward (Assistant to the Head at TAS) return as Part-time Executive Officer for the period April to October to organize the administration of BDC.

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