Primary Matters Term 4 Week 6

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2022

Book Fair Week 6

What a fantastic start to the Primary Book Fair! With students having completed their wishlists on Monday and Tuesday, we saw the opening of the Book Fair on Tuesday afternoon. The primary library was at capacity and it was great to see so many families come through the doors during the first afternoon of sales. 

We are looking forward to seeing many more families come to the Book Fair as the week progresses and thank everyone for their support. Every book purchased helps our library purchase more books for our literacy programs.

Stage 2 Project Based Learning (PBL)

This term, Stage 2 students have been investigating changes that occur on Earth as a result of the Moon and Sun and have recently begun looking at processes closer to home such as weathering and erosion. 

Week 5 and 6 have seen students begin their provocation about our driving question, which is based on the impact erosion has on coastal environments and towns as well as strategies we can use to reduce the severity of erosion.  

The students have conducted many science experiments, and during Week 5, were able to utilise the newly constructed bridge and go for a walk over to Margaret’s Field to look at the effects of erosion firsthand. 

It was great to see students engaging in their learning in this way and this has really helped set them up for their project learning. 

Students will now use images of coastlines and their knowledge of erosion to construct a model of a coastal village using Minecraft. They will then have to demonstrate which strategies they have decided to use to reduce the impact of erosion on their village. As always, we can’t wait to see what students are able to create!