Primary news Term 2 Week 7

Wednesday, 08 June 2022


The last few weeks have been an exciting time in Primary. Our assembly in Week 6 certainly highlighted our student’s strengths on show with singing and dancing, not to mention our Primary Leaders presenting as MCs.


What an eisteddfod for BDC in 2022! With countless personal and group achievements to celebrate as a college, I feel our greatest achievement is the sheer number of students we have participated each day in all things performing arts. After a few years of reduced or no singing, woodwind or performances at all, it certainly was wonderful to see the smiles on students’ faces as they performed.

Foundation Day - Friday 24 June

Foundation Day is a signature event at BDC where students K to 12 join together in a service at the start of the day to celebrate and offer gratitude for Bishop Druitt College, its history, the community and all who support our college. Students attend in normal formal uniform. Parents and carers are welcome to attend the service at 9.00am, as long as you are well and free from flu-like symptoms.

After the service, students may get changed into house-coloured theme clothes or mufti for the carnival and fair that our Year 12 friends have developed for the day. Normal dress code guidelines exist for the dress up part of the day which has been communicated to students. 

Strengths Spotlight - Kindness

Over the course of the term, students have been looking at character strengths and how we can use them to enhance our lives. At each of our assemblies, we introduce a new strength, with the focus this week on kindness. As a part of this, we are hosting a mufti day on Friday with a blue theme to recognise ‘Dolly’s Dream’. The day is a reminder to us all about the significant impact bullying has on people, but also the impact a random act of kindness can have on someone’s day. You may wish to make this a focus in your family as well for the week ahead.

Winter Uniform

The cold weather has sparked a lot of interest in both soft shell jackets and track pants in our uniform shop. Unfortunately, we have seen a hold up in the supply of these popular items. The Midford team from the uniform shop have advised me that the track pants should be available for purchase in the last week term.  

Richard Smith
Assistant Principal (Head of Primary)


This term we have been busy learning and investigating in Kindergarten.  During Investigations we have been getting creative using imagination while joining in role play in our theatre, campsite and small world farm. We have been using and developing our collaboration and problem solving skills while we build, construct, balance and create!

Science Learning 

In Science we did an experiment creating secondary colours from the primary colours making a Walking Rainbow.   We put the primary colours in three jars, then we linked the jars with the primary colours with paper towels.  The paper towel soaked up the primary colours (capillary action!) transferring them into the empty jars where they mixed together to make the secondary colours! We have also been learning about the weather and made some colourful rainbows using collage and paper streamers.

Literacy Learning 

We have been using our letter sound and word knowledge to write sentences and to read our readers.  We are becoming more confident readers and writers everyday!

ELC Excursion 

This term ELC have been learning about the country Africa for our Geography unit of work ‘Safari to Kenya’. ELC enjoyed a fabulous outing at Mana Chita, an Ethiopian restaurant, on the Coffs Harbour Jetty strip. The students enjoyed lots of different food including Beef Sambusas, Feteras, Bajias and Duba Kufas. Students compared the food in likeness to potato scallops, Samosas and Arancini balls. 

It was really interesting listening to the chef Tiki talk about the different foods and to experience the restaurant that a lot of the students had never been to. 

Afterwards we walked to the Jetty and had a look for sea creatures and finished with a walk along the beach and a play in the playground. It was a great day and we had so much fun. Thank you Mana Chita for having us!

GRIP Leadership

The Primary Leadership Team attended the 2022 Grip Leadership Conference last Friday, accompanied by Mr McNeil and Mrs Rothacker. The students joined with other leaders from the Coffs Region in a day exploring what it means to be a great leader. They discussed integrity, stepping up, being good role models and how they can serve their fellow students. They will now take the ideas created during the conference and introduce them into the Primary School. These include murals, sports competitions and fundraising initiatives.  A poem they created on the day is below.

When we step up and aim for more

We make things better than before

We want to be a shining light

So we give our best and do what is right

With what we do and what we say

We can make this the BDC Way

We put a smile on our face

And make our school a better place

As a team we will get more done

So let’s get started, let’s have fun

Glenn McNeil
Senior Primary Coordinator

The BDC Red Primary HICES debating team, consisting of Will Bursle, Bonnie Green, Daniel Vivas and Jasper Hein,  has made it to the Preliminary Finals! They had a tough virtual debate last week against SCAS and, despite their very convincing arguments, were unsuccessful in their plight to win Round 5. However, their overall debating prowess over the rest of the competition sees them move to the next round. It will be another virtual debate, this time against Bishop Tyrrell College in Newcastle.

The BDC Blue Primary team should hold their heads high with pride. They, Noah Wells, Lachlan Gentle, Henry Taylor and Simon Vivas, battled through each round with, again, very convincing arguments. Their final debate against EAC last week was so close. The team went through a number of changes and each of them should be very proud of their fine debating skills.