Primary News Term 2 Week 9

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge all of the wonderful families we have here at BDC. It has been a challenging term, with so many of our community unwell. It has certainly impacted our relief teaching numbers, with many of our staff also falling to covid and the flu. Having to work through these challenges together, certainly galvanises us as a community.  

With Term 2 coming to an end, we farewell a few staff members as they retire and head off on long service leave.  

Staffing Update for Term 3

Mrs Sonja O’Connor leaves us here at BDC after 23 years working at the college. I would like to thank her for her commitment to the school. Sonja will continue her role in Triple Thread Learning working with our students and we look forward to a long partnership with the college. 

This term we have also had Miss Kimberley Haiser who has supported us in Primary, working in classrooms K-6 and filling in for specialists too. We wish Kimberley the best of luck for the remainder of the year.  

I would also like to highlight Mrs Corey Lewis’ contribution to the college this term. Mrs Lewis has worked with us in many different roles, in particular, her work this term in music and performing arts. Whilst Mrs Lewis leaves us this term, I’m sure she will be back with us in other roles.  

We wish Mrs Maretta Wood a safe and happy trip as she ventures out overseas to visit her family. Mrs Wood will be visiting Europe in her travels, after postponing her trip during the covid months.  Mrs Jeffs will be joining 3W for the term whilst Mrs Wood is away. 

Mrs Lorraine Sharkey and Mrs Sarah Stokes are also off on new adventures at the beginning of the term, as they venture up to Cape York. This trip has been a long time coming, with previously plans to get away being cancelled. We wish them a very safe trip and can’t wait to share in their stories when they return. Mrs Fiona Green will be replacing Mrs Sharkey for the weeks she is away and Mr Jim Hollindale will be working in 3/4SD.  

Mr Joel Davis will also step into the role as Acting Director of Learning and Teaching (Primary) whilst Mrs Stokes is away. Mr Davis brings with him a wealth of experience in independent schools and has a passion for all things technology. We wish him all the best as he steps into this formal leadership role in Term 3.  

During Term 3 we also get the opportunity to welcome back Mrs Brooke Gillon from maternity leave. Mrs Gillon will be returning two days a week to work in LRC. It will be wonderful for our students to see Mrs Gillon again in Semester 2.  

We look forward to sharing an exciting Term 3 with all of our Primary families.

Have a happy and safe three week break!

Richard Smith
Assistant Principal (Head of Primary)

Fiona Barden from Coffs Harbour City Council

Recently some of the student leaders from Years 6 and 11, had their 2nd meeting with Fiona Barden from Coffs Harbour City Council.

We re-visited the issues that followed from the Council’s Economic Development Plan, and took some time to discuss the upcoming Youth Strategy.

Council are officially displaying their MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan. Under the MyCoffs Community Vision of “connected, sustainable, thriving”, the plan sets out goals and priorities for the city over the next ten years and beyond. It centres around four themes: Community Wellbeing, Community Prosperity, A Place for Community and Sustainable Community Leadership.

Fiona was so impressed by the level of engagement of our students, and the creative ideas that came from this BDC forum.

Photo: (Back: Fiona Barden, Ali Dare).

(Students: Left side - Heather Nivison, Abbey George (Year 11), Ada Smith Brooks (Year 6).

Right side - Will Bursle, Kye Beckton, Jasper Hein, Noah Wells, (Year 6), Matilda Watson (Year 11).

BDC Primary HICES Debating - preliminary final

Bonnie Green, Jasper Hein, Will Bursle and Daniel Vivas competed in the HICES Preliminary Final for Debating, and what an amazingly strong team they were! They competed against Bishop Tyrrell College in Newcastle.

Today’s debate was “eSports should be included in the Olympics”, with our team arguing for the Negative. This was a challenging debate, with strong arguments from both sides. Our team argued that eSports are not a physical sport so do not qualify as an Olympic sport, and that the inequality of more affluent countries having access to technology does not make for an even playing field. 

Our arguments and rebuttals were strong, and the team spoke so clearly and confidently against Bishop Tyrrell via Zoom. Unfortunately, after the closest of margins, the Affirmative were more convincing. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Team is progressing to the Quarter Finals!

This team has worked extremely hard this semester, showing strength as a team and independence in their development. They are to be congratulated for their success and proudly representing BDC Primary Debating.

School Box - Tristan Bancks

This term we have all been studying the amazing author called Tristan Bancks. All students have thoroughly enjoyed reading a range of his novels. 

Year 5's had the pleasure of having him as a Guest Author. He spoke with the children about how to become a writer and what inspires him. Tristan also shared tips on how to write a good story and conducted some fun writing activities.  

We had a blast, please ask your child about this fun day.