Revolutionising education: BDC embrace the future with Digital Badging for staff and students

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Bishop Druitt College introduces a new Digital Credential and Badging system for our students and staff to stand out in a rapidly changing workforce.

Our vision is to recognise the skills of our amazing young adults via credentials or digital badges that can be verified in real time. We believe that our students are more than a mark, grade or rank and we want them to be able to share their expertise easily with future employers, universities, family and friends. We want them to stand out from the crowd.

The new Digital Badging system at BDC allows students to be recognised for their skills and capability development and eventually to stack their achievements and skills on a digital platform called Credly. This innovative approach is designed to give students a tangible and verifiable record of their achievements.

Our Digital Badging system is based on students’ or staff learning skills, capabilities and microcredentials, which enable the badge earner to demonstrate specific skills. The system allows self-verification through a digital badge, making microcredentials suitable for employers and academic institutions to verify what the badge was earned for and the level of achievement.

Microcredentials and badging offered by BDC cover a variety of future capabilities (or soft skills), including adaptive mindsets, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, entrepreneurship, ethical and intercultural understanding, performance, movement, personal and social capability, and project management. These capabilities are increasingly important in today's workforce and will empower students with the skills they need to succeed in the future.

Principal Nick Johnstone said, "This innovative educational shift in how institutions and learners perceive short course learning and academic achievement will, I expect, permeate all industries in the near future and I for one am looking forward to this change."

The BDC Digital Badging system is a significant step forward for Bishop Druitt College and is expected to provide students with a more flexible and adaptable way of recognising their learning. The system will allow students to tailor their learning to track their areas of strength, their individual needs, and interests, enabling them to develop the skills they need to be world prepared.

Assistant Principal Simon Doyle believes that by developing digital badging we have made the first steps into what is a new metrics for success. Our young adults are more than a mark or rank and through badging they can earn it, learn it and share their success as part of our global outlook for their future success. We look forward to engaging with local businesses who can also assist us in developing our future capabilities in their area of expertise.

Heather Nivison, a Year 12 student and Leadership Captain at Bishop Druitt College, expressed her enthusiasm for the digital badging system and its wide-ranging benefits for students.

Heather firmly believes that digital badges will revolutionise the student-employer connection. She explained, "Digital badges will benefit us as students, as employers will be able to click on the digital badges that we have earned on our page and see exactly what we had to do in order to obtain that qualification or badge." With each student receiving their own customisable page, reminiscent of a curriculum vitae, the digital badging system provides an engaging and visually appealing snapshot of students' achievements. Moreover, it equips employers with comprehensive information necessary to evaluate potential candidates for employment.

One of the key advantages of digital badging is its ability to cater to both soft and hard skills, making it an invaluable asset for numerous students. Heather emphasised, "Digital badging caters for soft and hard skills with its scalability, which will benefit a lot of students." By demonstrating dedication, engagement, and leadership, students who invest substantial effort can earn higher-level digital badges. This accomplishment showcases their work ethic, consideration for others, and commitment to excellence—an essential factor in attracting prospective employers.

As a Leadership Captain, Heather has been actively involved in the development and implementation of the digital badging project. Collaborating with Mr. Doyle, she and her team have diligently reviewed potential badges and groupings to ensure that every student is represented, and their diverse interests are reflected. Heather further explained, "We have also brainstormed and provided student feedback on the criteria students would have to meet in order to qualify for a few digital badges such as the valedictorian badge."

Heather eagerly looks forward to personalising her page by earning badges related to her preferred subjects and activities. She plans to highlight not only her academic achievements but also her well-rounded nature by showcasing badges that exemplify her soft skills. This personalized approach will enable Heather to stand out to potential employers and demonstrate her diverse abilities and qualities.

For more information on Bishop Druitt College and the Digital Badging system, please visit the Learning & Teaching page on our website.