Round Square Exchange - Amber Lewis

Wednesday, 23 Aug 2023

My name is Amber Lewis and I've just returned from a 2-week exchange at Kinross Wolaroi School in Orange. 

I enjoyed the whole experience of the exchange program, from staying with a new family and learning all about them, going to a new school, meeting new people, making lifelong friends, and experiencing life in a different environment from where I live now. 

During the stay, one weekend I was lucky enough to visit a sheep farm where I got to hold baby sheep and ride horses. The next weekend we went to Sydney's Luna Park and Manly.  

I learned so much about myself and how different another part of Australia can be. 

While on exchange, I went to Kinross Wolaroi which was an amazing school that was also a boarding school. At Kinross for sport, they do rowing so I learned how to row which was a very new experience that was challenging but fun at the same time.  

If you get the chance, I'd definitely recommend the Round Square Exchange program and I'd encourage you to try everything. While I was on exchange I was offered so many new opportunities and don't regret any of them. 

Round Square Exchange was a new experience that taught me life lessons and gave me memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I can't wait for my exchange partner April to come to BDC in November and to be able to show her our beautiful Coffs Coast.