Round Square gamified International Conference (RSIC 2021)

Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

How grateful am I that there will be an international conference to expand and provide leadership opportunities for our BDC kids in this crazy year!

Round Square has put together a virtual playground that students will enter, create an avatar for themselves and then move around to engage in all the activities that you would expect in a physical, real life 4 day global event. 

Each day of the conference will offer a mixture of keynote content from 14 Speakers, followed by discussions led by 100 student leaders. There will also be yoga sessions in our “Yoga Pagodas”, open mic performances “On the Beach”, ethical dilemmas to discuss and debate at the “Fire Pits”, cultural performances from the “Main Stage”, student-led small group games and activities on “Picnic Blankets” in the park such as Kahoot quizzes, dance tutorials, art and craft activities, team puzzles, and a range of themed discussions e.g. hobbies or music or literature.

Our avatars will interact with other Round Square school student avatars, and over the week I am sure that through shared experiences many friendships will be built. 

These novel student experiences will inform how we expand Round Square activities and philosophies into everyday BDC life and continue to offer opportunities for students to grow together becoming world prepared. 

I am lucky enough to be the BDC staff rep and can't wait to experience this conference with our 7 student representatives. All the best for the RSIC 2021.

Karina Rothacker 
Round Square Coordinator 

In preparation for the Round Square International Conference 2021 "Blue Skies and Brave Conversations" the Arts Captains, Brianna Ireland and Sienna Biggs have collaborated making this video to share with other conference schools about Art and Culture at BDC.