Round Square International Conference wrap-up - by Abdulqadir Abdullah

Wednesday, 13 Oct 2021

During the holidays, I had the privilege of participating in the Round Square International Conference. The conference had over 1400 delegates from 36 countries over 4 days. This virtual event incorporated a variety of activities and games ranging from yoga to movie screening to discussions. 

My most enjoyable moments were simply talking to the delegates on the picnic blankets; discussing the most serious of moral dilemmas to learning about each other’s cultures. I thought that the 3 hours per day would last long at this conference but its novel game-themed interface along with its thought-provoking discussions about identity and inclusion, climate action and ethical leadership filled the time perfectly.

When I reflect on what we learnt from the conference- I return to the international delegates that I conversed with; despite some being Indian or others Chinese- it was easy for us to come into common grounds with each other. You could say that we embodied the spirit of internationalism. This is what the Round Square Conference intended to inspire us with. 

Each day was a little different and each time we began a discussion different students could join. I quickly began developing my courage and communication throughout the 4 day period. I found that the hardest part of any discussion was voicing my initial thoughts- breaking that first barrier. This is a learning experience that many of us would value.

Building on this and looking ahead as an academic captain, I intend to make this first leap as easy as possible for those who wish to take it. We intend on developing programmes for you that offer a profound and unique experience like this conference did for us.

Keep an eye out in daily notices, assemblies, emails and the newsletter for our projects and upcoming events. Please put your hand up to be part of these exciting Round Square initiatives.

Thanks to Mrs Rothacker for allowing us this novel experience, I hope that these social events can continue in the future.

Abdulqadir Abdullah
2021-22 Academic Captain