Secondary Matters - 2022 Term 1 Week 4

Thursday, 17 Feb 2022

Year 11

As part of the steps towards the HSC our Year 11 Information Night has been held this week to discuss study methods and wellbeing strategies for those commencing their final two years of college. Our Year 11 students should now be settled into their courses and no further course changes to occur. We ask all students to plan ahead and add their assessment tasks to their calendar and talk with family about their busiest study times throughout the year.

Year 11 have also had discussion on the importance on study periods. These are vital in preparation for all classes or assessment and should be completed in the iHUB or Senior Common Room or with staff members for example. We wish year 11 well for 2022.

Extension Courses

Our English Extension 1 and Extension 2, History Extension, Mathematics Extension 1 and Extension 2 and Science Extension courses for Year 11 and the HSC have commenced. BDC has a depth of expertise in extension courses and we wish these students well for 2022.


Year 7 are currently on camp and Year 10 will complete this rite of passage next week. We look forward to the pictures and stories on their return. Thank you to our staff who have attended these important experiences for BDC students away from their families.

Swimming Carnival

This year house spirit was exceptional. Congratulations to all of our competitive swimmers and those who swam for house points. The winning house was Cottee, congratulations to Mrs Law Head of House and her team. A nice innovation has been the age champion medals created at BDC with sustainable practises and material in mind.

You can find the full list of winners here 

iHUB and new Senior Study Hub

The refurbished library and naming as the iHUb has now completed Phase 1 and commenced Phase 2. It has reopened and is so different, but still a welcoming and vibrant place for reading or research or study. We look forward to images in the next news letter. This week we have had the first works commenced for the new specialist Senior Study Hub. Hopefully open by the end of Term 3 for Year 12 and Year 11 to give improved access to the best study facilities possible.


We believe we have been issued with our final RAPID Antigen tests. Thank you for continuing to test twice a week while the program continues. The messages when a student is isolating or COVID19 positive through the Parent Lounge has been appreciated. We hope that all families continue to be aware of symptoms and look after their wellbeing first, this has also been difficult for staff at this stage of the pandemic.

All students should now be settled into their daily routines with their class teachers. Entering classes in a calm manner, bringing all required resources and doing their best in every lesson. Recent visits to Religion, Ethics and Philosophy, Visual Arts, English, Mathematics and PDHPE classes have demonstrated a quiet and determined business in these classes, well done.  Please use the study and assessment guides on the library web pages to assist planning for assessment. Uniform should continue to meet the dress code of the college throughout the year. Thank you for your assistance at the commencement of 2022 with uniform.

Simon Doyle
Assistant Principal (Head of Secondary)