​Secondary Matters Term 4 Week 4

Wednesday, 02 Nov 2022

Secondary Matters

Our campus has been a hive of activity in so many areas during Term 4. Thank you to all of our families as they do early drop-offs, attend events or a late pick up at the moment.

Recognition and affirmations continue across the secondary campus. Some of the main ones include:

  • Performing Arts Ensemble Night was a full program of creative performers across K-12. A celebration of music. Thank you to all families for supporting the evening and the many parents who supplied or worked the BBQ and cake stall.
  • Year 7 Religion, Ethics and Philosophy team are finalists in the 2022 Future Anything Educator Awards Team of the Year. This is our entrepreneurship through ethics program in Year 7 REP in Term 2 and Term 3. Congratulations to Mel Eckford, Andrew Buchan, Tiffany Easman, Rebecca Brown, Daniel Linke, Simon Doyle and HOF James Brown. This comes after Sophie Diggens in Year 7 made it to the ACTIVATE National Semi-Finals this term.
  • High Performance Program Music and Dance student's successful inclusion of Amelia Carpenter Year 8 Dance, Hunter Metcalfe Year 9 Dance and Music, Cooper Lane and Camble Scott Year 9 Music
  • Joshua Walraven awarded his LMusA on piano and many more performing arts students' levels and awards over the last month.
  • BDC Equestrian team at the interschools carnival, NCIS Basketball, Tennis last week.

The small snapshot above is a reflection of the diverse opportunities that families and students can be involved in at BDC as part of their education experience.

Important Term 4 Dates for Your Calendar

  • 21st November, Year 10 Work Experience commences.
  • 9th December 9am- 1pm Secondary Presentation Assembly in the Branson Centre. Year 7-8 times are approx 9am-11am. Years 9-10-11 approx 11am to 1pm. Times are to provide a guide for parents who may wish to plan around times for work. Reports published this week.
  • 12th December, 9.30am Monday, K-12 Christmas Service. Families are welcome to attend in the Branson Centre. Carols Monday night.
  • 13th December, the last day for students. college picnic day for secondary students. 

Many students will have key deadlines over the coming weeks for projects, research and assessment tasks. The iHUB is a wonderful environment to complete studies after school until 4.45pm on weekdays and at lunch times.