Sport and Year 9 Outdoor Education

Wednesday, 01 Nov 2023

National Futsal School Championships

Bishop Druitt College continues to be a powerhouse in the world of youth futsal, and the 2023 National Futsal School Championships have only solidified this reputation. The College is immensely proud to announce that its far North NSW girls' team made an exceptional mark at the tournament. Seven of our talented players, who exhibited tremendous skill, dedication, and teamwork, represented Bishop Druitt College in the under 13 category. Let's delve into the exciting journey of our young athletes at the championships.

Our Star Players

The Bishop Druitt College contingent in the under 13 girls' team included Year 7 students Avalon Pulver, Maddison Graham, Lola Thomas, Coco Param, and Vardie Buckley-Nash, along with Year 6 students Molly Crichton and Sierra Cooke. These remarkable young athletes brought their A-game to the championships, showcasing their extraordinary talent and determination.

Impressive Performance

Our girls played a total of eight pool games during the championships and achieved a commendable record of 5 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss. This exceptional performance secured them a place in the finals after a fantastic third-place finish in the qualifiers.

The Road to the Finals

The journey to the finals was nothing short of spectacular. The girls' team faced fierce competition throughout the tournament, with a particularly tough semi-final match against the formidable QLD City team. While the girls fought valiantly, their incredible run was halted at this stage. It was indeed a hard-fought contest, with every player giving their best and displaying exceptional skills.

A Team Effort

In addition to the remarkable players, the Bishop Druitt College community came together to support the team. Special recognition goes to Team Manager, Prue Graham, who exhibited immense enthusiasm and unwavering commitment throughout the tournament. The dedication and tireless efforts of parents and siblings of the players who traveled to Brisbane to cheer on the team did not go unnoticed. Their support was invaluable and played a crucial role in motivating our young athletes to perform at their best.

A Bonus Highlight: The Under 12s Boys Team

The excellence of Bishop Druitt College's athletes wasn't limited to the girls' team. The under 12 boys' team also made a significant impact, with two of our standout players, William Parmenter and Charlie Phillips, earning spots on the Australian U13s boys' team. They will have the incredible opportunity to represent Australia and compete in Fiji in July 2024. This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about the talent nurtured at our college.

Primary Touch Football NCIS

Bishop Druitt College's Primary Touch teams recently embarked on a journey to Ballina, where they participated in a Touch Football competition against various North Coast Independent School teams. This event saw BDC fielding boys, girls, and mixed teams, all of whom showcased their skills and sportsmanship with pride.

The day was filled with action-packed matches, and our young athletes demonstrated incredible determination and resilience on the field. While there were some tough defeats, the teams equally enjoyed many moments of success, leaving students with valuable experiences and newfound knowledge of the game of touch football.

Here's a quick rundown of our teams' performance:

  • The Boys' team showed remarkable grit, securing victories in 2 games and battling through 3 losses.
  • The Girls' team displayed their strength and prowess, winning 3 games and experiencing 2 losses.
  • The Mixed team had an exciting day, winning 1 match and encountering 3 losses.

One thing that remained constant throughout the event was the unwavering pride, respect, and enthusiasm with which our students represented Bishop Druitt College. Their sportsmanship and team spirit were truly commendable, serving as a testament to the values instilled in them by our college.

The Primary Touch event at Ballina was not just about the scores but the memories created and lessons learned on the field. Our students had a blast, and they're looking forward to honing their skills and returning even stronger in future competitions.

A big shoutout to all our young athletes who made this day a fabulous one for Bishop Druitt College. We couldn't be prouder of their efforts, and we're excited to see them continue to excel and grow in their love for touch football. Well done, everyone!

NCIS Volleyball

The U15’s girls Volleyball team travelled to Port Macquarie in Term 4 to compete in the NCIS Volleyball tournament. We were very proud of the team for their outstanding performance against some tough opponents like Lindisfarne and Emmanuel college. After a term of lunchtime training sessions, our girls pulled together to showcase their talent and determination on the day. They fought with unwavering spirit and teamwork, securing a well-deserved second-place finish.

Mr Kitcher and Miss Dunn

Wiburd Shield Cricket

Cricket made a comeback in 2023 with the Wiburd Shield boys fielding a team for the knockout competition. Unfortunately, this was a brief stint with the team getting beaten by St Columbia Anglican School.

Top scorer was captain Charlie Wood. In reply, SCAS got the runs but our boys did bowl well to make them earn it after quite a few overs bowled. Riley Wood took a wicket in their innings to be the highlight.

We hope next year that we can put some more runs up to give us a good shot at defending and hopefully make it past the first round.

Year 9 Outdoor Education Program - Pindari Adventures

As the Year 9 Outdoor Education Program at Pindari Adventures approached, there was a flurry of activity. Clothes were meticulously folded, suitcases expertly stuffed, and even pillows received a thorough cleaning. The students carefully selected their attire, anticipating the most thrilling adventure of 2023: the Year 9 Camp.

On the morning of Monday, October 16th, everything was in readiness. The buses departed promptly, carrying eager students and enthusiastic teachers away from the familiar, lush green bushland of the coast. Their destination was the rugged and untamed countryside of Pindari. Little did we know that the journey ahead would be an exhilarating adventure, one that would etch lasting memories in the hearts of the students and forge new friendships built upon shared experiences.

Pindari Dam, with its stunning natural beauty, provided the backdrop for this remarkable camp. The activities on offer were a perfect blend of physical challenges and teamwork. Whether it was the thrill of racing around the specially designed 'Dirt Buggy' track, the dizzying heights and unwavering determination required to conquer Goliath, or the mental gymnastics involved in GPS Navigation, every moment was an opportunity to learn, grow, and bond with fellow adventurers.

However, Year 9 Camp at Pindari was not solely about physical challenges. In the midst of all the excitement, students also found time for Rites of Passage activities and moments of deep self-reflection. The sunrise walk and the activities at Stone Hut, in particular, provided these crucial moments for contemplation and self-esteem building.

When the camp concluded, the Year 9 students left Pindari with a profound sense of accomplishment. They carried with them not just new friendships but also a long list of remarkable achievements. The 2023 Year 9 Camp at Pindari was truly an adventure that left an indelible mark on each and every participant.