Sport report Term 1 Week 6

Wednesday, 08 Mar 2023

Primary Swimming Carnival

Age Champions for 2023 Swimming

10yrs and under Age Champion
Evangeline Sutton
Teo Eggeling
Runner Up
Indiana Eggeling
Harrison Jordan
11yrs Champion
Stella Jephcott
William Jamieson
Runner Up
Sofia Bravo
Lachlan Zemaitis
12-13 yrs Age Champion
Zara Johnson
Edward Neal
Runner Up
Zara Harris
Dylan Hannaford

New records

Teo Eggeling 50 Free

Stella Jephcott Backstroke
Stella Jephcott Breaststroke
Girls 11-13 4x50 Freestyle Relay by 6 seconds

Secondary Swimming Carnival

This was a great day and saw many students involved in different ways at the carnival. Congratulations on a new record and this was by Kngwarreye Boys 15-16 yr RELAY.

Age Champions for 2023 Swimming

12yrs Champion
Oscar Harris
13yrs Champion
Bayley Johnson
Matthew Healy
Runner Up
MIa O'Reilly
Saul Easman
14yrs Champion
Alannah Zemaitis
Isaac Ryan
Runner Up
Lara Hannaford
Mitchell Rieth
15yrs Champion
Aria Matthew
Toby Alford
Runner Up
Rachel Lenard
Riley Burgess
16yrs Champion
Charlotte Ricketts
Flynn Hall
Runner Up
Mia Diggens
Daniel Williams
17yrs Champion
Anatoli Tsipitsidis
Hunter Bellamy
Runner Up
Lulu McGrath
Mitchell Fahey
18+yrs Champion
Kaleah Doherty
Nick Alford
Runner Up
Jamika McAulay-Earnest

Primary NCIS Swimming

A wet start to a successful day in the pool for BDC at Alstonville Pool. We had X competitors and all competed with Overall BDC finished 2nd on a percentage point score based on enrollments.

11 yr girls Stella Jephcott 3rd Sofia Bravo 
12/13 Girls Primary Zara Johnson
12/13 Boys Primary Edward Neal Runners up Dylan Hannaford
11 boys William Jamieson
3rd in Junior Boys Teo Eggeling
3rd in Junior Girls Evangeline Sutton

Boys 8 50 free Teo Eggeling

Some great swimming and results in Alstonville Week 4.

Junior Girls 3rd Evangeline Sutton BDC
Junior Boys 3rd Teo Eggeling BDC
11 Girls Age Champion Stella Jephcott BDC 3rd Sofia Bravo BDC
11 Boys 3rd William Jamieson BDC
12/13 Girls  Age Champion Zara Johnson BDC 
12/13 Boys Age Champion Edward Neal BDC 2nd Dylan Hannaford BDC 

Well done and to those students who progress to the next level CIS at Sydney.

NCIS Primary Football

This event was held during Week 5 at the CEX International Stadium.

Primary Boys- coached by Ty Gillon - 1st
Primary Girls- coached by Lee Jenkins-2nd

The following were chosen for CIS Primary Boys teams to play later in the term.
Sonny Dusting, Charlie Phillips, George English, Oscar Papandrea, Will Parmenter

Girls AFL

After a postponement, the girls finally got to play- and play they did!

Winners against a great JPC final. This puts us in the next round in Port Macquarie later this term

Women's Football in February

Starting early in the new year, and with some classy additions to the open girls’ team, we headed to Port Macquarie to play SCAS. With an emphasis on trying to maintain our structure, passing, and movement. The girls got off to a perfect start with a couple of early goals.

The girls kept the tempo high and across the paddock were outplaying SCAS. Our defensive line let nothing through leaving our keeper without much to do. The midfield played some lovely triangles through the center with their players running around in circles. And our top strikers were deadly accurate.

We went in at halftime 4-0 up, and early in the second half, we were up to 6-0. Moving players around a bit after this to cover for injuries and try out a different structure, we saw a couple of goals go in and the match finished at 6-2.

Well done to all the girls, especially our newcomers, and good luck for the next game, bring it on!

This year, our first group of students will complete a series of 30km Endurance events known as the Brisbane Kokoda Challenge. During our Kaizen Elective, ‘Perseverance Prove it’, we have 20 students physically and mentally preparing for a long-distance event in June that honours and remembers the Kokoda Spirit. This challenge will help the students understand Kokoda’s core values of courage, endurance, mateship, and sacrifice. It will help them feel adversity and discover the challenges which may seem impossible can be achieved through preparation, hard work, and perseverance. 

To participate in this event, we need to not only train our bodies but raise funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation’s life-changing Youth Programs. 

The Kokoda Youth Foundation is a Gold Coast charity that runs experiential Youth Programs, inspiring young Aussies to reach their full potential. The foundation takes kids from all walks of life and provides them with free programs that have life-changing capabilities. These kids are fondly known as the Kokoda Kids.

You can support our BDC teams in The Kokoda Challenge and Kokoda Youth Foundation in their mission to change lives by making a tax-deductible donation today!

Please click on the link and help us raise money for a terrific cause.

Primary Rugby 7s - 6th March, 2023

Under blue skies and a bright, hot, Autumn sun, the BDC Primary Rugby Sevens teams arrived at Rex Hardaker Oval ready for action. Both teams, BDC Red and BDC Blue completed their warm-ups with purpose and precision. The early matches saw some strong attacks and determined defense, with the Red Team winning their first two matches.

As the day wore on, the heat began to take its toll. Players from all teams had to dig deep to find the reserves of energy needed. The Red Team progressed through to the Cup Finals, while the Blue Team placed in the Bowl Finals. Both teams came up against tough, powerful opponents and well-drilled, cohesive teams. Falling just short of making the grand finals for their divisions, all players kept playing hard for themselves and for each other, right up until the final hooter.

MVP for Team Red was Liam Martin, while MVP for Team Blue was Will Parmenter. Congratulations to all our players for the way you conducted yourselves, tried your best and supported each other.

Mr. Haynes & Mr. Hollindale