Sport Term 1 Week 3

Wednesday, 15 Feb 2023

There has been a lot of sport happening both in and outside of the college. Congratulations to all those that have participated and achieved in different sporting events over the holidays and the start of term. Please keep sending in pictures and information as the community love seeing what students have been up to.

Please see the calendar for upcoming representative sport events. Students need to listen to assemblies, year meetings, and news items in Schoolbox for when these are on and how to sign up. There are posters with events and sign-up sheets outside the sport admin office and primary sports notice boards.

Please direct any students to notice boards or sport admin if they want any more information about any sports.

A look at the weeks ahead:

Week 3: Swimming Carnival for Primary and Secondary. Letters with more information went out last week.
Secondary Swimming Carnival Program Thursday 16th
Primary Swimming Carnival Program Friday 17th

Week 4: NCIS Primary Swimming - Alstonville.

Week 4: Under 15 AFL for boys and girls- Coffs.

Signups happening for all sports listed in weeks 2-6 (outside sport admin office).

Kellie Reinhold
Head of Sport

NCIS Tennis 

A group of BDC students from primary and secondary played in the first NCIS competition for 2023. This was a tennis competition in Grafton on 9th February. All students displayed excellent sportsmanship. Nitish Gulgulia and Finn Mcnicol both came 3rd in their pools. Josh Burns made it to the semi-finals playing an impressive match and came 4th.

Finn Kahler was outstanding and played in the final against a player from Emmanual College who is 4th in the state. Finn came 2nd - a fantastic achievement.

Well done to all the players and thanks to Mrs Ceasar and Ms Titcume for the assistance they gave on the day. 

Photographed: Finn Kahler, BDC Tennis Team, Joshua Burns

Congratulations to our BDC student who competed in the SLSNSW 2023 Country Champs from Woolgoolga SLSC recently.


Teo Eggeling – 1st in U8 Male Wade, 3rd in U8 Beach Sprint Relay and 8th in U8 Wade relay
Allirah Hazeldene – 3rd in U8 Beach sprint relay


Evie Sutton – 1st in U9 Female beach sprint, 2nd in U9 Female Surf Swim, 2nd in U9 Surf Swim Team
Freya Hannaford – 2nd in U9 Surf SwimTeam


Mackenzie Jamieson – 9th in U10 Female Surf Swim, 4th in U10 Surf Swim Team
Indiana Eggeling – 10th in U10 Female surf swim, 6th in U10 Surf Swim Team, 10th in U10 Mixed Board relay


Dylan Hannaford – 4th in U12 Surf Swim Team, 7th in U12 1km Beach run.
Zara Johnson – 4th in U12 Female surf swim, 5th In U12 Female Ironperson, 4th in U12 Surf Swim Team, 5th in U12 Mixed Board Relay, 9th U12 Female Board race.
Scarlett Hazeldene – 10th in U12 1km beach run.
Ned Griffin - bronze medal for the U12 mixed beach relay, placed 7th in u12 Male Beach Sprint and 10th in u12 1km beach run. 


Bayley Johnson – 2nd in U13 2km Beach Run, 2nd in U13 Mixed Beach Relay, 3rd in U13 Surf Swim Team, 5th in U13 Female Surf, 7th in U13 Female Board Race, 7th in U13 Female Ironperson, Bayley also competed in the Senior Board Rescue and Senior Cameron Relay and achieved 8th Place in Snr Cameron Relay and 6th Place in Snr Board rescue.
Tom Ricketts – 2nd U13 Mixed beach Relay, 3rd in U13 Surf swim team, 5th in U13 Male beach sprint, 5th in Male beach sprint, 7th in Male Ironperson, 8th in Male surf swim, 10th in Male beach flags.


Riley Burgess – 2nd in U14 Board Relay, 3rd in Senior Board Rescue, 2nd in U14 Mixed Beach Relay, 8th in Senior Cameron Relay, 8th in U14 Male Board Race. Riley also Competed in the U15 Male Cameron relay and placed 6th and the U15 Mixed Beach relay and placed 4th.
Xavier Poole – 1st in U14 Male Board race, 2nd in U14 Board Relay, 3rd in Senior Board Rescue, 2nd in U14 Mixed Beach Relay, 4th in senior Cameron relay, 5th in U14 Male Ironperson. Xavier Also competed in the U14 Mixed beach relay and placed 4th.
Lara Hannaford – 1st in U14 Female Beach Sprint, 3rd in U14 Female Beach Flags, 2nd U14 Mixed Beach relay, 4th in Senior Cameron relay, 8th in U14 surf swim team. Lara also competed in the U15 Mixed beach relay and placed 4th.
Alannah Zemaitis – 8th in U14 Surf swim team.


Charlotte Ricketts - 3rd in U15 mixed beach relay, 4th in U15 Female Cameron, 7th in U15 female beach sprint, 7th in U15 female board rescue, 7th in U15 Female beach flags, 8th in U15 Board relay.