Sport Update Week 9 Term 4

Wednesday, 07 Dec 2022

Farewell but not Goodbye!

As this is my last ever newsletter for Bishop Druitt College, I want to congratulate everyone who has played any sport in their lifetime and wish you luck in the sporting challenges ahead. Remember it isn't all about winning but having a go and doing the best you can possibly do. Winning is just an extra bonus! 

I have been writing the sport and outdoor education section of the newsletter for 12 of the 18 years I have been a part of BDC. 

I have had the pleasure of being and playing a part of some amazing achievements of our students past and present. I hope you remember me when you are famous and remember the small part I played in giving you an opportunity to excel. 

I have seen the change and growth in students in our outdoor education programs. You never know what you can achieve when given opportunities outside your comfort zone.

I will miss the BDC community, I am sad to be going but it is time to see what else the big wide world holds for me.

Signing off


Primary Champion House 2022

I also want to make my last announcement special, so I asked some of my friends at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park to help me announce the champion sporting house for 2022.

North Coast Anglican Country Week 

After 3 years in the planning and COVID-19 disruptions, we finally got to deliver the first North Coast Anglican Country Week.

Five schools from the North Coast came to Coffs Harbour to participate in 7 different sports across five venues.

A warm, sunny day met the 400+ participants who thoroughly enjoyed the friendly competition and are eagerly awaiting the next installment with activities such as debating being added in the years to come along with more schools being invited.

Bishop Druitt College accrued the most points across all the sports resulting in being named winners of "The Bishop's Cup" - To be presented at Bishop Murray's next visit.

Thank you to the convenors of each sport, our coaches and local venues who accommodated us.

Please see the link to the 2022 results.

NCIS Primary Touch Football

On the 23rd of November, BDC took the under 12s boys and under 12s girls teams to Ballina to compete in an NCIS Touch Football gala day. At the crack of dawn, many girls and boys arrived very tired but very excited to play touch football all day. 

The girls’ team had three games to play throughout the day. In the first game, BDC won and scored a try in the first 10 seconds! We ended up running away with a 7-try score difference. We, unfortunately, lost the second game. We rallied for the third game but didn’t manage to get the win from that game either. We were so proud of the girls and the effort they put into each match despite losing two of our three games they represented BDC with pride.

The boys started out on the right path with a win but then suffered a loss before finishing the day on a high with another win. They played hard and worked well as a team to come second on the day.

On the way home Mr Hollindale and Mrs Martin let us stop at Macca’s to get food so we wouldn’t starve to death. It was also a good chance for us to bond as teammates after the carnival. But overall, we had an amazing day. Thank you, Mrs Christabel Martin and Mr Jim Hollindale. 

Primary Football Gala Day

On Thursday 24th November, all of Year 4 travelled to the synthetic fields to play a day of soccer. Every half an hour, the students went out and played a game of 5 a side soccer against another team. It was impressive to see the students work hard in the heat and give each game their all. As teachers, we saw some great sportsmanship and some students even stepped up and played games in the year 5/6 division to help out the competition. Everyone had a great day away from the classroom.

Mrs Kayla Lewis

I enjoyed the soccer gala day because we got to play against other schools, even though my team only got to play against the other BDC team and Mullaway. I liked how I was challenging myself as I normally don’t play soccer. I also liked how we were allowed to get things from the canteen.

Ella Craig

I think the soccer gala day was very fun because we played a lot of games but I personally like soccer because it is the sport I play. We were allowed to buy things from the canteen even though it was quite expensive. 

Thane Easman


Our U16 Boys Futsal team competed in the Johnny Warren cup on the Gold Coast in late November.

The boys were eager to get a glimpse of the competition for our first time attending this tournament which typically boasts Futsal clubs rather than school teams.

A long Saturday awaited commencing at 9:00am and not finishing until 6:50pm (not ideal for teenage boys).

The boys proved super competitive, leading every game at some stage with only short lapses in concentration costing us wins in the first two games against The Hurricanes (7-3) and Feenix (6-4).

We bounced back with wins against Ronin (6-5) and Camden Haven (7-5).

A 4-4 draw on Sunday morning with Galaxy FC (eventual winners) was enough to secure 4th place with a well-rounded performance.

The semi-final against our first opponents, The Hurricanes went much the same way as the first encounter. An even first half, locked at 2-2 before a 5 minute lapse saw us fall a few goals behind before the game finished in a 7-3 loss.

It was a great weekend on the court with the team leaving nothing to be desired. What was desired was washing up and cooking skills but there's always next year.

Thanks to Mr Norberry for imparting his knowledge and giving up his weekend to make the trip a success despite his efforts on the 18th hole at minigolf where he surrendered a 2 shot lead to Mr Kelleher.

Junior Primary Swimming Carnival

What a fantastic afternoon junior primary had at their carnival on Wednesday.

Smiles all around and everyone that wanted to ‘had a go’ at a lap of the 25mtr pool. The wet area splash pad was the place to be when you weren’t swimming.

Thank you to all the staff for making the event a safe and smooth one. Thank you also to our Year 9 and 10 helpers in the water, we could not have the event without your help.

Lastly, to our parents who came along to support the children, thank you, it was great to have you back.

Year 6 Surf Safety

Last week students in Year 6 went for a surf day at Sawtell Beach. When we got there, we were told what was going to happen and the expectations. Soon after that we met the surf instructors and got ready to go in the water just for fun. Once we had enough fun it was time for recess. Most of us were just building sandcastles. After that, we were running around the beach and swam. Then we got split up into class groups. 6M got to surf first while 6C were learning about CPR and DRSABCD. 6M were getting ready to go in the water and learn the basics. Next 6M got the best waves and chose one partner to do the fun activities; like pretending one of us was drowning and the other getting a board and saving us. I'm pretty sure that the Year 10s who came enjoyed it. We then had to swap and 6M were learning CPR and DRSABCD and 6C were surfing. Next, we played beach games. Eventually we got to go in the water again. Then we had the choice to surf or go and get ready for lunch. We all got to surf and then packed up to get ready for the bus to come pick us up and to have lunch. We also got to go to the Kiosk for lunch if we wanted to. Finally, the bus came, and we ended up at school. “It was a fun time.”

Hermela Zerea 

Year 2 and 4 Swimming

Year 2 and Year 4 have completed their swimming and water safety programs during Term 4. I had the pleasure of taking the lower ability groups from both year groups and the improvements made have been fantastic to watch. I know all groups learned new skills or built on the skills they had.

The ability to be water safe is essential in the wonderful climate the Coffs Coast enjoys. However, always remember to be vigilant around water and ALWAYS Keep watch of your children.

2023 Carnival Dates

  • Secondary Swimming – Thursday 16 Feb
  • Primary Swimming – Friday 17 Feb
  • NCIS Primary Swimming – Thursday 23 Feb
  • NCIS Secondary Swimming – Thursday 16 March
  • Secondary and Primary Cross Country – Tuesday 4 April
  • NCIS Cross Country – Friday 12 May
  • Secondary Athletics – Tuesday 20 June - TBC
  • Primary Athletics – Friday 9 June
  • NCIS Athletics – Wed 16 Aug - TBC
  • Junior Primary Swimming Carnival – Wed 29 Nov

Outdoor Education

Year 4 Camp (overnight sleepover)

Year 4 camp was so fun and wonderful. First we had to put our bags on the stage in the Branson centre. Then we played until everyone arrived.

For dinner (which was so early) we had a sausage sizzle. After that we got to play games like: Soccer, Basketball and Dodgeball. Some of us even got to have free play.

Then we came inside and Mr Smith told us all about the Red Faces talent show. We all had 30 minutes to prepare something before we had to go on stage to perform. It was so much fun. 

When the talent show was over we started to get ready for bed and the movie. We had  15 minutes to change and brush our teeth before the movie started. We all got into our sleeping bags. We watched Shark Tale and started to watch Rio. 

Then we had to go to sleep.

In the morning we had cereal for breakfast and our parents came to pick us up. I had a great time at Year 4 camp.    

Balreet Atwal

Year 4 camp was so amazing we got to have so much fun. When we arrived we put our stuff on the stage in the Branson Centre and then said goodbye to our parents. After you got over saying goodbye we went on one of the courts and played either basketball, soccer or free play. Then we talked about what exactly we were going to do and how bush turkeys would set off an alarm at night sometimes then Mrs Lewis sent people out to dinner. 

For dinner we had sausages that Mr Smith and Mrs Rodger were making. After dinner we were sent outside to the oval to play. Then we had the Red Face talent show. Some people sang, some danced, some people did gymnastics but there were a lot of different acts. Then we got ready to watch the movie. We brushed our teeth and brushed our hair and put on our PJs to watched a movie. In the morning we got ready to go home and then we went home and went to bed, well most of us did I’m sure.    

Lucy Ward

2023 Camp Dates
Year 1 Camp
Friday 4 Aug - BDC
Year 2 Camp
Friday 3 – Saturday 4 November - BDC
Year 3 Camp
Thursday 26 Oct – Friday 27 Oct - Yarrahapinni
Year 4 Camp
Friday 24 March – Sat 25 Mar - BDC
Year 5 Camp
Tuesday 16 - Friday 19 May – Tyalgum Ridge Retreat
Year 6 Camp
Friday 20 Oct - BDC
Year 7 Camp
Monday 6 – Thursday 9 February – Great Aussie Bush Camp
Year 9 Camp
Monday 16 – Thursday 19 Oct - Pindari Adventures
Year 11 Camp
Monday 9 - Thursday 12 Oct - Camp Kokoda

Beth Hilton
Sport and Outdoor Education Coordinator K-12
0417859252 or 66515644 ext 295