Stay active during lockdown

Wednesday, 18 Aug 2021

Daily exercise has proven benefits for both your physical and mental health.

According to Beyond Blue, regular physical activity is a good way to help prevent or manage mild anxiety and depression. Keeping active can help you stay physically fit and mentally healthy, which is particularly important as people deal with the effects of COVID-19. Research shows that keeping active can:

  • help lift mood
  • help improve sleeping patterns
  • increase energy levels
  • help block negative thoughts and/or distract people from daily worries

The current recommendation is at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most, and preferably all, days of the week.

Get off the couch and get moving! 

While the gym might be closed, there are still so many ways that you can stay active while still maintaining social distancing. 

Coach yourself through some exercises to stay fit and healthy during your time at home. Our coaching and PDHPE team have put together a few ideas for a whole range of sports - why not try a new set of skills from a sport you've never played before? 

Get started and get active at home.


  • Auskick w/ Joel Selwood - Link
  • Auskick w/ Libby Birch - Link


  • 7 x Aussie Hoops Basketball Activities at home - Link


  • Bowling w/ Ex Prime Minister John Howard - Link
  • Batting, bowling & fielding - Link


  • Skills/Competition w/ Ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd - Link

Football (Soccer)

  • 16 x Skill of the week videos - Link
  • 20 x Skills including juggling, ball mastery, tricks, feints & more - Link


  • Netball Australia foundation skills playlist - Link
  • Netball dance tutorial - Link
  • Netball ball skills - Link

Rugby League

  • Skills video including passing, kicking & more - Link
  • NRL masterclass w/ the greatest player that ever lived, Andrew ‘Joey’ Johns - Link
  • History lesson - Link

Rugby Union

  • David Campese's drills - link 
  • NSW Waratahs Skills (Need to create a free account to access) - Link
  • 10 Rugby Handling drills - Link
  • 12 Min Skills session - Link

Regardless of your fitness level, or the space you have to work with, you will find free exercise videos on YouTube and a large choice of home workout apps available for download.

Stay motivated! Some tips from on how keep on track include:

  • finding things you enjoy doing
  • varying your activities to keep them interesting
  • setting achievable goals
  • setting a routine and planning your day to include time for activity
  • monitoring your activity and progress
  • getting the support of your family and friends