STEM talk and career paths for students

STEM in Schools was held at Bishop Druitt College on Wednesday 30 October. Year 10 students participated in a classroom activity with CSIRO and special guest panellists in an effort to demonstrate the diverse and rewarding career journeys that come from pursuing STEM subjects.

The event kicked off with a special 12-minute stimulus video broadcast (vodcast) featuring a panel of STEM professionals. Following the broadcast, students participated in a Q&A involving the creation of an audio podcast about STEM careers and Australia’s global challenges.

BDC welcomed Mr Pat Conaghan, Federal member for Cowper and Dr Mel Coleman, Marine Ecologist at the National Marine Science Centre to the Q&A panel. Students posed challenging questions on a range of topics, including Australia’s future energy security, the use of genetically modified crops, our involvement in the space race and cybersecurity.

‘Students interested in STEM subjects have a broad range of potential career paths ahead of them,’ Mr Conaghan said. 

‘STEM skills are being used to solve global challenges and new research frontiers are being frequently discovered with new technologies’. 

Dr Coleman outlined her role at the National Marine Science Centre in Coffs Harbour. Her research includes experimental marine ecology, population genetics and seaweed ecology and conservation. 

‘Some of the projects I am working on presently include understanding population connectivity for marine management and restoration of underwater forests,’ she said. 

‘These research areas are really important for towns such as Coffs, so by having a STEM career, you can really make a difference to the region in which you live,’.

Year 10 student, Juliette Oliver said ‘it was a very eye-opening, engaging experience and the speakers answered the questions honestly and clearly. They emphasised the relevance of science in real life and reinforced the importance of STEM skills for future employment.’

The students’ podcast will be uploaded on the STEM in Schools radio station at and be available for listening from 4 November.

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