Students at Bishop Druitt College enjoy New Adventure Playground

Wednesday, 19 July 2023

Bishop Druitt College is delighted to announce the grand opening of our highly anticipated Adventure Playground, named "Wajaarr ngaarrigu", which translates to play at the Land. This remarkable addition to our school is set to provide endless opportunities for children to explore, have fun, and engage in valuable learning and play experiences.

BDC Principal Mr. Nick Johnstone says “extensive research has shown that play is of utmost importance in the cognitive and physical development of young children. Recognising this, we have designed the Adventure Playground to offer an array of activities that will challenge and captivate children's physical abilities, while nurturing their social skills and fostering their imaginations.”

“At Bishop Druitt College, we understand the significance of a safe and supervised play environment that encourages responsible risk-taking. The Adventure Playground has been designed to enable our students to embrace challenges, display courage, and develop problem-solving skills, thereby boosting their confidence and fostering personal growth.”

Featuring a diverse range of attractions, the Adventure Playground is guaranteed to ignite excitement in the hearts of children. From challenging climbing walls and rope bridges to a thrilling flying fox, a large slide, and monkey bars, the playground promises fun and adventure for all. Each element has been crafted to engage children in active play, while promoting gross motor skills, balance, and coordination.

Located in Margaret’s Field on Bishop Druitt College property, the Adventure Playground is situated amidst a vibrant nature backdrop with a vegetable garden and ample open space, providing a well-rounded experience for students to unleash their creativity. This inviting space not only offers entertainment but also acts as a platform for learning, exploration, and development.

Assistant Principal Mr. Richard Smith said “we are committed to nurturing the holistic development of every child, and are thrilled to provide them with such an exceptional space to play, learn, and flourish.”

Ella Gibson in Year 4 said “I love the zip line and the bark on the ground. The bark makes it easier to land and the zip line is just fun. It makes me want to do it again, and again, and again!”

Charlotte Quodling in Year 3 said “I love that there are so many things to do and it is fun. I love the climbing wall and the zip line. The climbing tower where you can go up and then slide down is awesome!”

Saxton Moses in Year 5 said “I love that there is something new to do at the school. We now have a flying fox, monkey bars, slide and climbing equipment which is awesome. Now we have lots of opportunities to do at recess and lunch to have fun.”

Ekam Kaur in Year 6 said “I love that every single year group can enjoy it, it is made for everyone. It is good that we now have a playground for Junior Primary students as well as for Senior Primary students.  There’s so much space to move and enjoy friends.”