Sydney Dance Company teachers visit Coffs Harbour school BDC for the launch of their Dance Academy.

Thursday, 05 May 2022

The Bishop Druitt College Dance Academy was officially launched Wednesday 4 May with a student dance workshop run by The Sydney Dance Company.

BDC Dance Academy is a program designed to both extend and complement the dance elective courses by bringing in high level dancers to create opportunities in advanced level work. The program provides a foundation for further studies in HSC Dance, choreography, or a career as a professional performer.

‘The Sydney Dance Company is one of the premier dance companies in Australia if not the world, to be able to have their teaching artists here in Coffs Harbour is a wonderful opportunity for our students. In only three to five hours our Dance Academy students were able to put on a production. We viewed that at our Dance Academy launch and it was outstanding. I am really excited to see what our Dance Academy can produce for our students in the years to come.’ Nick Johnstone, Principal at Bishop Druitt College.

‘It has been great for Teo to step into a space where he feels really supported in the performing arts in school. To be able to go to school and be supported in his creativity and his uniqueness which expresses itself through dance and through movement is fantastic.' Rebbeca Ross, BDC Dance Academy parent. 

‘The Dance Academy was a big reason why Hunter wanted to come to BDC, he knew the school had a great Dance Academy and he wanted to be a part of it. His previous school was not a big supporter of the performing arts and he really wanted to pursue dance at school. Hunter can further his studies and do dance for his HSC at BDC. He is in an environment where it is ok for boys to dance and he feels comfortable to be able to dance at BDC and feels part of the team. He loves it.’ Vanessa Crossley, BDC Dance Academy parent. 

‘We come from a very big musical theatre and acting family. For Emily to be able to do three majors, dance, drama, and music, is amazing and we are very thankful that BDC is so encouraging with performing arts and we cannot wait to see where the Dance Academy goes.’ Jodie Hodges, BDC Dance Academy parent.