Thank you - Teacher's Aide Appreciation Week

Tuesday, 31 Aug 2021

This week is Teachers Aide Appreciation Week (30 August - 3 September 2021).  

As we know, a lot of the hard work that Teacher Aides do is clearly visible. Whether that’s making sure kids get on the bus, monitoring children and keeping them on task, or helping in the classroom. And, as most teachers know, this work is often the difference between a good lesson and a great one.

BDC primary teacher, Ms Jen Booth said: 

"Our aides are the glue in this outfit and at BDC, we have been lucky to have some absolute winners. 

"We should never underestimate their value to us as teachers, to our parents and most of all to any our students who need help at different times." 

Of course, this isn’t to forget the impact that Teacher Aides can have on individual children. For young learners with special educational needs, having an extra helping hand can be the difference between success and failure.

It’s often said that Teacher Aides are the glue that holds the classroom together. And, not unlike glue, a lot of the hard work that Teacher Aides do goes unnoticed. From preparing worksheets, to decorating classrooms, many of these day-to-day jobs are key to ensuring that schools run smoothly. Sadly, it’s all too often the case that we don't appreciate the work they do.

So, from the BDC team of staff, families and students, we say thanks to our Teachers Aides for their hard work and dedication to our school community. 

Sue O'Connor 
Director of Student Wellbeing K-12