The Chronicles of the Forgotten: An Epic Saga of Lost Hats, Disappearing Drink Bottles and Left Behind Lunchboxes

Wednesday, 05 June 2024

In the bustling world of a K-12 school, a silent battle rages on: the war against lost property. Every day, backpacks, jackets, water bottles and shoes embark on daring escapades, disappearing into the abyss of the school grounds. However, amidst this chaos, a simple solution emerges: the power of naming clothing.

For primary school students, labelling clothing isn't just about personalisation; it's a practical necessity. As the Bermuda Triangle of lost property expands, the importance of clearly marked belongings becomes increasingly evident. At BDC, the lost property cupboard overflows with unclaimed items, a testament to the prevalence of the issue.

Named clothing holds a distinct advantage in this battle of belongings. At BDC, garments adorned with personalised labels find their way back to their owners with remarkable efficiency. Through the magic of labelling, lost jackets and misplaced lunch boxes are reunited with their rightful owners, sparing parents and teachers alike the frustration of perpetual loss.

However, not all labelling methods are created equal. While scribbling a name onto a tag may suffice temporarily, more permanent solutions offer greater reliability. Enter labels – durable, customizable, and designed to withstand the trials of the schoolyard, dishwasher or washing machine safe and are waterproof and scratch resistant. By investing in these long-lasting alternatives, parents can ensure that their child's belongings remain securely marked throughout the school year.

At BDC, the benefits of labelling extend beyond mere convenience. Named clothing isn't just returned to students; it's delivered straight to their classroom, saving valuable time and effort for both staff and students. Conversely, unlabelled items face a less fortunate fate, often relegated to the purgatory of the lost property table outside our Admin Hub or Lost Property Cupboard during the holidays.

As we move into the middle of the year, the consequences of unlabelled belongings become even more apparent. Lost drink bottles, lacking identification, meet their untimely demise in the recycle bin, a tragic end to a journey that could have been prevented with a simple label.

In the ongoing battle against lost property, the solution is clear: label, label, label. By embracing permanent labelling solutions, parents can equip their children with a powerful tool in the fight against disappearing belongings.

Richard Smith
Assitant Principal (Head of Primary)