The Pod: A New Learning Haven for 6M

Wednesday, 02 Aug 2023

As the new school term commences, the students of 6M have welcomed their new classroom space The Pod. Situated outside the Performing Arts building, our students have eagerly welcomed their new classroom space and have settled in nicely for the remainder of the year.  

What sets The Pod apart is the additional room it boasts, enhancing the learning experience for students. This extra room encourages students to work collaboratively on group tasks and explore their ideas beyond the conventional curriculum. We have maintained the continuity of our Stage 3 classrooms with flexible learning furniture and a consistency in floor coverings and the wet area.  

Surrounded by the upgraded gardens, The Pod offers a connection to nature that inspires both students and teachers who use the space. The gardens will hopefully continue to promote our students moving outdoors for their learning. With our students in primary having 1-to-1 access to laptops from Year 3 to 6, our students are able to remain connected and complete work wherever they are in the college. Who wouldn’t prefer to work outside when given the opportunity?

Through the company Harwyn, the pods are architecturally designed and prefabricated offsite, before being craned into position. It provides the college the opportunity to have little impact to student’s learning and the flexibility to move the facility if ever the time arises. 

The Pod embodies a holistic approach to education, focusing not only on academic excellence but also on emotional and social development. With a student-centric philosophy, the classroom fosters a love for learning, personalisation and nurtures individual strengths.  We look forward to the landscaping and Recording Studio being finished at the rear of the classroom to allow students to fully engage with this space.  

All parents are welcome to attend an open afternoon in this new space on Tuesday 8 August from 3.15pm to 4.00pm.   

 I like how the room is really spacious and we are the first class in the room.  It has lots of room for art work and things we have learnt.
— ​Olivia Randle
I like the new classroom because it has lots of space and I like that the bag racks are inside as cubes not outside.
— Eldana