The Secondary School - History Series

Thursday, 16 Feb 2023

Mr Branson is quoted to say, “By the middle of the year it was clear that we were in a position to start Year Seven the following year and we dared to add a Year 8 class. To support this we needed more teachers and I advertised for a specialist maths and science teacher and found Scott Rodham, an experienced Christian teacher with a great heart for children and a wonderful sense of humour. Scott soon became the key person for the development of the Secondary School.”

Also to join the staff were Adele Guy a fine teacher and the foundation English expert at the school, David Slater, a fine musician and composer, and several part-time teachers. Later that year Sue Siwinski was appointed to head the science faculty. The year concluded with the presentation night at St John’s Anglican Church emceed by Father Stephen Pullin, Chair of College Council.

On 6th February 1995, the opening secondary assembly was held in the canteen area attended by parents, the 60 students and staff. There was a secondary staff of 8 and 2 primary teachers: Lenore Moules and Daniel Barnes who used to teach PDHPE and Christian Studies classes. Mr Branson taught history and his wife, Margaret Ackland, art; Adele Guy, English, history and drama; Marilyn Brunning languages; science teacher David Calvey, David Slater, Music and Scott Rodham, Mathematics. Cara Aldridge was a support person and Pat Smith assisted in the front office.

The room next to the canteen, which only opened on a Friday and was run by Kathy McIntrye, was large enough for a full science lab. This lab was divided by a partition for the two Year 7 classes of 20 pupils each. The Year 8 homeroom was the second lab and in fact, it housed the whole secondary school of 60 students for worship sessions and for assemblies on wet days. This was called A Block with a staff room opposite the lab and an art/design and technology room underneath.

The naming of classes was done so that no bias was shown to the un-streamed classes: 7East (7E) and 7West (7W) but the Year 8 class was called 8A.