Three staff at Bishop Druitt College celebrate a major milestone of service.

Teachers Sharon Habgood (middle), Linda Morgan (right) and Property Services Manager Stuart McIntyre (left), are celebrating 25 years of service to Bishop Druitt College this year.

BDC’s Principal Nick Johnstone said the loyalty and passion shown by these staff members was humbling and was a testament to their dedication towards the students and the education sector as a whole.

Many fond memories can be recalled over the 25 years. Stuart was asked to coordinate the laying of the turf in front of the admin block, originally the only building on the site.

When Linda started working at BDC, the school had just taken its 100th student, almost double from the famous 57 students the school started with, in 1994.

Sharon said she has been teaching at BDC for over half her life. It is like her second home and has seen her through births, deaths and marriages. Sharon remembers coming to visit Vic Branson before the school was open in January and experiencing a very strong sense of being drawn to BDC.

All three staff have had their children educated at BDC and are so proud of the community, and feel it is a very special place.

Bishop Druitt College acknowledges and gives thanks to these staff for their commitment, professionalism, experience and dedication to BDC as they celebrate their 25-year work anniversaries.