Wellbeing hub for college

New BDC K-12 Wellbeing Hub

Wellbeing is a central focus at BDC and is based on ensuring that the physical, emotional and social needs of everyone in the community are met, taking into account individual requirements.

After consulting with the BDC community to see if a Wellbeing Hub was something that would be of great support and benefit to the students, the decision was made to bring this space to life. BDC’s vision is to create a wellbeing environment through the construction of a brand new K-12 Wellbeing Hub.

The Wellbeing Hub will be a one-stop-shop for information and resources on strategies to build and sustain the wellbeing of the whole school community. This new space will support at-risk students and reduce stigma around mental health issues. The Wellbeing Hub will be supported by our 2 school counsellors, 2 Chaplains and the K- 12 Director of Student Wellbeing. It will contain 5 offices, a small group counselling room and a large activity room. The activity room is called The Oasis and will be used by various BDC student groups. Some of these groups are Mindfulness, Goori Group, Breakfast Club, Art for Wellbeing, LQBTQI+, Rock and Water, Human Rights and Environment Groups to name just a few.

‘At Bishop Druitt College, wellbeing is our focus and will always be central to everything we do. We are excited to be able to offer such a unique facility to our school community and look forward to the benefits it will have on our student’s wellbeing in 2020.’ Sue O’Connor, Director of Student Wellbeing K-12. 

Pictured out the front of the construction site of the Wellbeing Hub: Simon Doyle – Assistant Principal, Rev David Morgan – Chaplain, Jane Mosco – Counsellor, Nick Johnstone – Principal, Saskia Klop – Counsellor, Sue O’Connor – Director of Student Wellbeing K-12, Rev Naomi Cooke – Chaplain.