World Prepared students succeed through pandemic-impacted Year 12 HSC

Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022

The Bishop Druitt College Class of 2021 has once again set an example for youth resilience through achieving great success in their HSC results, despite the two year pandemic rollercoaster which affected schooling across the country. 

More than 90% of the BDC Class of 2021 have received early entry to university, showing an outstanding number of students have clear pathways for their future in 2022 and beyond. 

“In a year like we have had in 2021, we could not be more proud of the grit, determination, persistence, and achievement of our graduates and accelerated students,” said Bishop Druitt College Director of Learning and Teaching, Mr Craig Verbruggen. 

“The BDC Wellbeing team provided the much needed support for our students and our professional staff were outstanding in their academic support during what has been two years that we haven’t seen anything like before,” said Mr Verbruggen. 

“Our School Captains led the team and we watched in admiration as they all supported their peers throughout their journey. 

Of the HSC results, 100% of students in Drama, Economics 2, Investigating Science 2, Society and Culture, Visual Arts, French Continuers, received a Band 5 or 6 result, showing outstanding achievement across these subjects for BDC students. 80% of all Italian for Beginners students gained a Band 6. Additionally, 88% of English Extension 1 and 100% of English Extension 2 students gained an E3 or above. 

“We couldn’t be more proud of our 2021 Alumni and cannot wait to see them flourish in their diverse careers. They are truly world prepared,” said Mr Verbruggen.

From a cohort of 71 HSC students who completed their HSC this year:

  • Dux of the year, Mitchell Maloney - ATAR 96.6.
  • At least 12 students (9% of the cohort) achieved an ATAR over 90.
  • 93% of students received at least one Band 4 or above.
  • 30 Band 6 or Notional Band 6/E4 results from the 2021 graduate cohort.
  • 20 Band 5, 6, or E3/E4 results from the Year 11 Accelerated (2022 graduate) cohort.
  • 131 Band 5, notional and E3 results with 69% of learners achieving at least one Band 5 or 6 result, from the 2021 graduate cohort.
  • Almost all of the cohort with Early Entry offers for University before HSC results were even released, increase on 2020.
  • 8 Student Based Apprenticeships or full-time apprenticeships, 3 students heading into external TAFE VET students. 
  • Close to 90% of students who applied for University were offered early entry places, aligning with the BDC Career Pathways Coaching programs success.


  • Visual Arts - ARTEXPRESS Nomination - William Mackie
  • Textiles - Shape and Texstyle Nomination - Connor McMillan
  • Drama - Onstage Individual Performance Nomination - Tyler Widdowson 
  • Drama - Onstage Script Nomination - Maxyn Dorz 


  • USyd Year 12 Scholarship - Lauren De Waal 
  • USyd Year 12 Scholarship - Madeline Howard
  • Newcastle College of Engineering (SRS) - Lauren De Waal
  • UNE Vice-Chancellor's High Achievement Prize - Brooke Parker
  • University of Newcastle Scholarship - Ellie Spain
  • SCU Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship - Mawahib Khalifa
  • SCU Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship - Blake Baker

ATAR Honour Board

2021 had a successful cohort. 

This was also demonstrated by our 12 students who achieved an ATAR of over 90. Congratulations Mitchell Maloney, Brooke Parker, Xanthe Rose, Eli Hayes, Maxyn Dorz, 

BDC again had a significant number of students on the distinguished achievers’ list (Band 6 or E4). A Band 6 is a score between 90-100%. 


Four Band 6 or equivalent (E4 or notional Band 6) were achieved by Mitchell Maloney (plus 2x Band 5), and Brooke Parker (plus 1x Band 5 and 1x E3)


Three Band 6 or equivalent were achieved by Maxyn Dorz (plus 2x Band 5 and 1x E3), Madeline Howard (plus 3x Band 5)


Two Band 6’s or equivalent were achieved by Eli Hayes (plus 5x Band 5 or E3) and Lachlan Eichmann. 


One Band 6 was achieved by Luca Barthe (plus 3x Band 5 or E3), Mia Benson (plus 4x Band 5 or E3), Benjamin Booth (plus 4x Band 5), Spencer Burnett (plus 4x Band 5 or E3), Lauren De Waal (plus 4x Band 5 or E3), Jeff Deng (plus 4x Band 5 or E3), Tayla Hall (plus 2x Band 5), Juliette Oliver (plus 4x Band 5 or E3), Clancy Remond Stephens, Xanthe Rose (plus 5x Band 5 or E3), Harvey Summersell (plus 2x Band 5 or E3), and Tyler Widdowson.

Other high achievers included Natalie Giri and Achira Perera with 5x Band 5 or E3, Spencer Burnet, Tai Crismale and Bailey Carson, Estelle Mallia, Sabah Marial, Sarah O’Connor, Ellie Spain, Natasha Watson-Merritt and Georgina Morrall with 4x Band 5 or E3, Jasmin Henson Gallardo, Bennett Mitchell, Michael Spinoglio and Alex McMillan with 3x Band 5, Blake Baker, William Bond, Harriet Beynon, Connor McMillan and Devshree Sinha with 2x Band 5,, and Olivia Blythe, Aleigha Bentley, Ali Bowden, Israel Degle, Nate Doherty, Claudia Large, William Mackie, Tracy Nguyen, Hasan Salman, Alex Simmonds and Yafet Tadesse with 1x Band 5 or equivalent.


Furthermore, our Accelerated students in Year 11 had some fantastic achievements in Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1 high potential and gifted pathway, as well as Business Studies and Studies of Religion 2. Ruby Scott received a Band 6 and E4 in Mathematics and Extension 1 respectively, while Thomas Rhodes, Tegan Byron and Mia Follett achieved E4 and Band 6. Shivanshu Garg achieved a Band 5 and E3 in Mathematics and Extension 1, while Phoebe O’Grady and Anoushka Pathak achieved a Band 5 in Mathematics. Studies of Religion had Band 5 results for Jorgia Young, Reece Allen, Alexia Martin, Matthew Kramer and Mallary Cratchley. Business Studies had Band 5 results from Shanae Graham, Imogen Daymond, Felicity Evans and Ellie Gallagher.