Year 10 Career Development Days: Empowering Students for the Future

Wednesday, 02 Aug 2023

At BDC, Year 10 students recently embarked on an exciting journey of self-discovery and career exploration during their Career Development Days. The event aimed to provide valuable insights into their potential career paths, while also equipping them with the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions about their future. The two-day event featured a combination of engaging activities, inspiring guest speakers, and a diverse range of industry representatives eager to guide and motivate the students.

Day One: Career Personality Profiles and Empowering Talks

The first day of Career Development Days began with students completing their Career Personality Profiles. This exercise enabled them to gain a deeper understanding of their unique strengths, interests, and aptitudes, offering valuable guidance for their future career choices.

The highlight of the morning was a presentation from UAC on HSC pathways, ATAR considerations, and senior subject selection. This session proved invaluable for the students, providing clarity on the steps they need to take to pursue their desired tertiary education and career paths.

Later, the students were fortunate to hear from an inspiring BDC alumnus, Carmen Gerrard, who shared her remarkable non-linear career journey. Carmen's story of studying psychology during the challenging times of COVID, her journey of changing courses and universities, and her subsequent successful career in HR with Costa left a lasting impression on the students. Her side hustle as a children's book author further highlighted the importance of embracing creative passions alongside a professional career.

Day Two: In-House Career Expo and Interactive Workshops

The second day commenced with a vibrant in-house career expo, featuring a wide range of local employers and industry partners. Each exhibitor engaged with students, providing valuable insights into different career roles and course options available to them. Moreover, they discussed potential work experience and employment opportunities, fostering a sense of excitement and ambition among the students.

BDC extends heartfelt gratitude to all the valued employers and industry partners for dedicating their time and expertise to inspire the next generation of professionals. The presence of organisations such as HQB, Southern Cross University, TAFE, CHCC, Planet Lighting, Defence Force Recruiting, Midcoast Trucks, REIP, UNSW Rural Medicine Program, Costa, PIEFA, Coffs Harbour By-Pass, Hoys Physio, and BDC Primary and Secondary Educators added immense value to the Career Development Days.

Interactive workshops were also organised, allowing students to gain practical knowledge about tools for career exploration, senior subject selection, and tertiary course prerequisites. They learned about Digital Badging, SBATS (School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships), and VET (Vocational Education and Training) options. Moreover, the students were guided on how to secure a work experience placement, providing them with a glimpse of the professional world and helping them to become world prepared.