Year 7 and Year 8 Visual Arts Exhibition

Wednesday, 02 Nov 2022

Year 7 have created a range of ceramic pots using Raku clay. They were based on the practice of the Aboriginal women’s Hermannsburg potters’ group. These groups of artists base their pots on their own individual stories. Students made their own pots based on their narrative and created their own unique lids. Some were musical, many had their pets on the lid, and there were sporting references, beach themes, favourite foods and references to their favourite activities. What an amazing job Year 7! 

Year 8 students have created a range of skateboard designs, incorporating stencils, spray paint, their own tag, patterns, design motifs and symbols. Students were inspired by their research into graffiti art, street artists and the work of Banksy. All skateboards were vibrant, colourful and unique. They referenced popular culture, sporting teams, favourite shows, favourite foods and favourite activities. Well done Year 8 on all your skateboard designs!   

Year 7 – Narrative Pots: Best Built Form with Lid = Sophie Diggens (7A) 

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Year 7 – Narrative Pots: Best Painted Narrative = Sienna Anderson (7D)

Year 8 – Skateboard: Best Overall Design = Taj Butcher (8E)

Year 8  –  Skateboard: Best Use of refined techniques – Stencilling, Tag and Ode = Piper Alderman (8B)

Year 8 - Skateboard: Most professional = Darcy Kendall (8E)

Fiona’s Choice Award 

Year 7 – Anise Lee (7D)

Year 8 – Zannah Harnett (8E)