2021 Term 3 Week 10

Thursday, 16 Sep 2021


Principal's message - 2021 Term 3 Week 10
Welcome back to campus, good luck to our year 12 students, and the importance of hope. Read more

Anchored in Hope by Glen Gerreyn
Hope is the most powerful tool you can use during challenging or uncertain times. Take a look at five ways to use it to your advantage, every day. Read more


Patience and perseverance
Most of us would be familiar with that cliched saying, "Patience is a virtue." Patience along with perseverance really is a virtuous thing! Read more

Farewell to the class of 2021 
It is that time of year again when we farewell our year 12 students as they leave school for the last time. Read more

The wellbeing barometer
There is substantial evidence to show that mental health concerns are on the rise, especially in relation to our young people who may require some extra support. Read more

Helping your child cope with exam anxiety
With exam season just around the corner, it’s no surprise that a majority of students — and parents too — are feeling anxious right now. What can parents do to help soothe their children and not let them go down the dark path of anxiety? Read more 


Round Square gamified International Conference
BDC will be represented by 10 students at the Round Square International Conference in this four day, global event. Read more  

Year 4 Public Speaking Competition
The winner of our Year 4 public speaking competition is... read more

Performing arts update 
Lockdown performances, new furniture for the dance studio, and more... Read more 

Sport and Outdoor education update 

The literacy journey 
So what does it mean to be literate? What is involved in the process of becoming literate? How can teachers (and parents) help students along the path? Read more 


Michael Colless retires after more than 25 years of service
Starting off as our founding librarian, Mike has been an integral part of BDC's growth and development.  Read more 

Is your business listed in the BDC Business Directory?
Showcasing and supporting businesses within the BDC and greater Coffs Harbour community.


P&F Mega Raffle - Win a home gym! 

BDC Golf Day - 7 November 2021
Join us for the 23rd annual event, sponsored by Geoff King Motors 

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